About Schweitzer’s Automotive in Eugene

When Dave Schweitzer started fixing cars, many of us were still changing oil on the weekends in the driveway. (Most folks now-a-days would have a tough time getting under a late model car let alone actually changing the oil!) Cars have gotten a lot more complicated! Is that an understatement or what ?!?!

Dave and his staff have a firm commitment to keeping up with this current boom in technology and the proper repair of the vehicles that we all drive and enjoy. Schweitzer’s Automotive Center has all of the latest tooling and testing equipment that makes the do-it-yourselfers drool. Simply put… in-the-driveway repairs are just not possible on today’s cars.

All of Schweitzer’s technicians are highly qualified to perform these specialized repairs and maintenance in an efficient and cost effective manner. (Several of our technicians have achieved the highly regarded status of ASE MASTER TECHNICIAN). As of 2016, the total accumulated years of experience is staggering, 110 years…WOW!

Our friendly and courteous staff is always ready and able to serve your needs. Give us a call. Let us work for you!

Good Work, Fair Prices and People You Can Trust

Your Automotive Team

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